AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is the cornerstone of the AWS serverless framework and provides a fully managed, zero-admin, auto-scaling, pay-per-use, code execution environment. There is no cost when AWS Lambda functions are not running. Code for AWS Lambda functions can be written in one of several popular languages, including Javascript (node.js), Java, Python, and C#. Execution of AWS Lambda functions can be triggered programatically, or may triggered automatically by events from other AWS services, such as SNS, S3, or Kinesis.AWS Lambda Notes

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Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway is a core component of the AWS serverless platform, along with AWS Lambda, and allows you to create and administer APIs for your customers. API Gateway allows you to version and set rate limits and quotas for specific API methods and/or customers and can optionally cache back end results for improved performance. Pricing is based on the number of API requests, the amount of data transferred, and the amount of data cached.Amazon API Gateway Notes

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