reInvent 2017: Which Database to Use When? (DAT310)

Key Ideas:

  1. Databases are purpose built. Find a database with purpose that matches your application requirements.
  2. Consider data shape, size and compute requirements when choosing a database. Know your data!
  3. At a small scale, some databases CAN do it all, at scale is another story.
  4. At scale, cost is important. When cost is important, choice is Continue reading “reInvent 2017: Which Database to Use When? (DAT310)”

Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena is a fully managed, serverless, pay-per-use service that allows you to easy query your data stored in S3 using standard SQL. Using Amazon Athena is as simple as 1) putting your data into S3, 2) defining a table schema, and 3) querying the data. It’s easy to run ad-hoc queries using Amazon Athena, no Hadoop or data warehousing experience required.Amazon Athena Notes

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