AWS Summit Shenzhen, 2019

These #sketchnotes were created by Lyn (陸遙, on WeChat: luyao582947780) & Liwen (王莉雯, on WeChat: WonderLeewen) during the AWS Summit Shenzhen on September 15, 2019 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

ALB API-Gateway AWS-Modern-App-Series AWS-Summit Alexa Analytics App-Mesh AppMesh AppSync Architecture Architrecture Athena Aurora AutoScale Backup Big-Data Blockchain CNCF Chaos Cloud-Computing Cognito Complexity Comprehend Compute Computing Containers Customer-Support DFS Data-Exchange Data-Lake DataSync Databases Deep-Learning Disaster-Recovery Diversity Docker DocumentDB DotNet DynamoDB EC2 ECS EFS EKS ELB EMR EUC ElastiCache Elastic-Beanstalk Elastic-Container-Service Elastic-File-System Elastic-Map-Reduce Elastic-Search Enterprise Envoy FSx FTP FTPS Fargate FedRAMP Forecast GSaaS Graph GraphQL Graviton GroundTruth GuardDuty HIPAA Helm Icons Infrastructure K8s KMS Key-Management-Service Keynote Kubernetes Lake-Formation Lambda Ledger-Database Lightsail Lustre MFA ML Machine-Learning Macie Marketing Message-Bus Messaging Microservices Migration MongoDB NATs NFS NLP Neptune Networking Nitro NoSQL OCR ObjectStorage OpenEnclave OpenTelemetry Outposts PCI POSIX PeriodicTable Personalize Pinpoint PrivateLink PubSub Public-Sector Purpose-Built QLDB Queues QuickSight RDS Recommendations Rekognition Relational-Database-Service Repository S3 SFTP SMB SNS SQS SaaS SageMaker Security Serverless Shield Simple-Notification-Service Simple-Queue-Service SnowBall SnowCone SnowMobile SpeechToText Startups Storage Storage-Gateway Teresa-Carlson Textract Timestream Transcribe Transit-Gateway VPC VPS WAF Web-Application-Firewall Well-Architected-Framework Werner-Vogels Windows WorkLink reInvent